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Harm Your Health
Harm the Environment
Collect Data You Might Prefer Be Kept Private
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The Michigan Analog Meter Choice Bill (HB 4220) would give customers the right to choose what kind of meter to have on their home. It will be a tough fight, and every citizen must help! Read more on our Opt-Out Legislation page.

If you have received a threatening letter from DTE that implies your service will be shut off, read our How to Respond page and contact us.

See the reports Michigan residents have sent to us about how smart meters have affected their health on our smartmeterhealth page. View gripping testimony of health problems at the Michigan Smart Meter Hearings. Nearly 100 people testifying about the effects on their health. Watch the videos (Part 1 and Part 2).

Smart meters affect our health, our privacy, our safety, and our right to determine what sort of technology will be put on our home. This page provides you with an overview of the main issues surrounding smart meters. The Smart Meter Education Network is an independent organization working with integrity to protect everyone from the negative effects of smart meters and related technologies.

Many people in Michigan are experiencing severe health effects from DTE and Consumers Energy smart meters and their radio-off opt-out meters. (DTE calls smart meters advanced meters and uses descriptions like advanced metering technology in an effort to avoid the negative publicity associated with smart meters.) Smart meters and the radio-off opt-out meters have a dramatic impact on health because of the pulsed waves they emit, both radiofrequency (wireless) waves and what is commonly known as dirty electricity  (the industry term is dirty power or noise on the line). For some people, this impact is immediately apparent in the form of insomnia, tinnitus, memory problems, elevated blood sugar levels, and many other health issues. Some people cannot have a smart meter on their home, the effects are that severe! More and more Michigan residents are now living without electricity or heat because of the utility refuses to remove their smart meter and replace it with the analog meter that has been used to measure electricity for over a century and that many of you still have on your home.

Long-term, nearly everyone will be affected because the fields these meters generate affect our cells, our hormones, our metabolic processes, and our DNA. Thousands of independent, non–industry-funded scientific studies have shown that the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by smart and digital meters cause severe health problems, including cancer, ADD, and the breaching of the blood-brain barrier. Current research shows that there is a genetic component to the effects some people experience. Read more on our What Are Smart Meters page and on our Health: The Science page. You can read personal stories of the health affects at our blog SmartMeterHealthEffects.

Very importantly, DTE’s and Consumers Energy digital opt-out meters will not protect your health! See the tabs on the left side of this page to learn more about dirty electricity, about the opt-out, and to find the information you need to keep the meter off your home. Check our Alerts and Breaking News page for updates on utility activities, legislation, etc.

Getting legislation passed that will give everyone a choice about the type of meter that is put on their home or business is key to our health, safety, and privacy. You are a key player in getting that bill through the state legislature. Be absolutely sure to read our page on Analog Choice Legislation. Please check out our How You Can Help page for actions you can take to help bring an end to the forced installation of smart meters.


The utility companies state that the data they gather about you will be worth more than the electricity they sell you. Governmental agencies, law firms, corporations, and other mainstream and nonprofit groups recognize the far-reaching privacy implications of smart meters and the radio-off opt-out meter. Because they gather usage data in such a fine-grained manner (up to every 15 seconds), they are capable of tracking when you are home and the appliances you use and when you use them. This data can be sold to third parties, with mind-boggling consequences. The European Union has issued a stunning report on the far-reaching implications of this. Smart meter data has also been used by law enforcement in an attempt to catch criminals—unfortunately, the usage patterns of law-abiding individuals can be the same as those of law-breakers, with the result that police have broken into the homes of law-abiding citizens. See our Privacy page for more information.


Your utility bills will go up. The utilities have made it clear that advanced (smart) meters will be used to bill time-of-use rates, which means you will pay more when demand is highest. Consumers Digest says: “Smart-meter conversion represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies that make the hardware and software that are required for the smart-meter conversion.” The former CEO of the Illinois utility ComEd agrees, as do the governors and attorney generals of a variety of states, including our own. See our Costs page for more information.

Fires, Appliance Damage, and Arcing

Smart meters are repeatedly catching fire, including here in Michigan. The electric company usually attributes the fires to something else. On April 23, 2015, DTE issued an internal bulletin titled “OpenWay Meters Failure Under Investigation.” This metering standards bulletin states that a “handful” of Itron Centron smart meters have failed due to overvoltage. Here is a direct quote from their bulletin: “As you can see in the picture below the front of the polycarbonate meter has been blown off. The investigation is ongoing, and your assistance is required.” DTE and Consumers Energy customers have reported fires or explosions on their homes caused by smart meters.

If your lights are flickering, your appliances are burning out, or you are experiencing other electrical issues since smart meter installation, be sure to read our Fires page.

Nevada utility employees and contractors have told reporters that the utility has been regularly covering up fires. Trucks running into utility poles in California have caused hundreds of smart meters to explode. Meanwhile, the analog meters were unscathed, because they are able to tolerate the power surges that were caused. You can read more about fires on our Fires page. We can’t keep up with all the fires and explosions occurring, so check our Alerts and Breaking News page for updates.

Who We Are

The Smart Meter Education Network is a group of citizens who have come together to educate the community, work for legislation, and take legal and other action that will protect all citizens, especially children, the elderly, and the chronically ill. Smart meters affect all of us, and will affect our children and our planet for decades to come unless we take action now. Many of us working on this issue have had our health severely impacted by smart-meter installation.

People come to this issue for many different reasons—health impacts, environmental impacts, privacy issues, cyber-security, costs. Whatever your particular concerns, we welcome you to our community and hope that you will join us in our effort to preserve the health of our children, ourselves, and our environment. Click the links on the sidebars to the left and right to learn more.

The Smart Meter Education Network is an independent organization working with integrity in the fight against smart meters.

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Smart Meters

How They Work, Why They Are Harmful

  1. Introduction
  2. Smart Meter Radiation
    1. How Often Do Smart Meters Really Transmit?
  3. Smart Meter Dirty Electricity (Electromagnetic Interference)
    1. What Is Dirty Electricity?
    2. Dirty Electricity and Health
  4. Health



What is a smart meter? Smart meters are computerized electric meters that that transmit electricity and gas usage to the utility using radio-frequency (RF) communication. These are the same waves that cell phones emit, but smart meters broadcast 24/7 at a power density 100 to 160 times that of a cell phone. (Smart meters are also known as advanced meters, and companies like DTE insist on using this term because of the negative publicity smart meters have gotten ever since they started making people sick. They call the installation of a smart meter
a “meter upgrade.”). Smart meters can record your electrical usage in fine detail. Because of this, smart meters generate dirty electricity (line noise), which is as harmful to health as the wireless radiation the meters emit.

Analog meters do not require electricity to run. That makes them much more energy-saving than a smart meter. Analog meters can’t be hacked. Analog meters do not generate harmful dirty electricity, unlike most—or perhaps all—digital meters.

The electromagnetic frequencies generated by smart meters harm the health of humans, animals, and insects (including bees) by disrupting cellular communication, promoting stress hormone production, and disrupting many other biological processes in the body. You can read more about this below and also on our Health pages, which you can find under The Issues tab.

Smart meters enable the ability to collect and store data to see what appliances you own, when you use them, and how long you use them for, which raises privacy concerns. The new meters are causing electrical issues in homes, both new and old, including fires and appliance short-outs. In some homes and neighborhoods, they are interfering with AM/FM radios and with other wireless devices (Comcast customers are experiencing numerous problems due to the smart meters).

Smart meters allow the utility to shut off your electricity without sending someone to your home (remote shut-off). The Zigbee wireless network they contain allows the utility to shut off new smart-chipped appliances whenever they want. One of the main reasons the utilities are deploying smart meters is because these meters will allow them to charge time-of-use rates (peak pricing), which means you will be paying way more for electricity when you most need it. Smart meters put meter readers out of jobs, something the utilities are promoting as a positive change.
Smart meters put meter readers out of jobs.

Gas smart meters are also causing severe health problems for some people, including stroke-like symptoms and insomnia. Learn how to keep the gas smart meter off your home. See our page Do I Have a Smart Meter? to learn what a gas smart meter looks like and what it does.


Smart Meter Radiation

The electromagnetic spectrum is divided up into a number of categories. The wireless radiation emitted by smart meters is known as radiofrequency radiation (RF) or microwave radiation. Smart meter radiation falls near cell phone radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. At the left end, you find what is known as extremely low frequency, or ELF, radiation.

This is the radiation that our cells use to communicate with each other and that is used in nerve transmission. The 60 Hertz of your home wiring is ELF radiation, and is generally a continuous, smooth wave. The dirty electricity that is generated by smart meters is also ELF radiation, but this ELF radiation is pulsed and spiky rather than continuous and smooth.

Our bodies communicate thru electromagnetic and chemical signals, so the electromagnetic spectrum matters. We didn’t evolve to handle these smart-meter frequencies, especially not in huge 24/7 amounts.


How Often Do Smart Meters Really Transmit?

Are There Really Only 6 Transmissions Per Day?
DTE and other utility companies will tell you that their smart meters transmit only 6 or so times a day. Take a look at the picture below. This is a graph of just a half hour of smart meter transmissions. Does this look like 6 transmissions per day? No. This data was captured by engineers working for EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, a group that is a strong proponent of smart meters. It records the transmissions of Itron smart meters, which are the meters used by DTE. Read the full report.

The truth is, smart meters transmit pulses of wireless radiation between 9,600 to 190,000 times per day. If you call up DTE or Consumers Energy and ask them how often their smart meters transmit, they will tell you something like “6 times a day.” This is what all the utility companies say, and they are lying. PG&E, the California equivalent of DTE, publicly stated in all its materials that its meters transmit only 6 times a day. When the court ordered it to submit data on the actual number of transmissions, the utility had to admit that its smart meters transmit 9,600 to 190,000 times per day!

Here is the chart PG&E submitted to the court:

In the chart, you will see the line “Meter read data.” This refers to the number of times readings are sent to the utility. That is where the utilities get “6 transmissions per day.” But take a look at the second-to-last line: “Mesh network message management [transmissions].” These transmissions are up to 190,000 times per day. One hundred ninety thousand times is the maximum number of times a single meter sends messages to all the other meters in its area. Think about how many meters are within a two-mile radius of your home and multiply 190,000 by that number.


Do Transmissions Really  Average 45 Seconds Per Day?
What the utilities will tell you is, 9,600 to 190,000 transmissions per meter per day is no big deal. If you average all the transmissions, a single smart meter is transmitting  45 seconds per day (see the last line in the chart). There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Forty-five seconds per meter per day times even a very conservative estimate of 1000 meters within a mile of your home means that half the day is spent on smart meter transmissions. But this isn’t the full picture. Each meter is transmitting in millisecond blasts 24/7. There are 1000 milliseconds in a second. You are being bombarded every half second to every few seconds with smart meter radiation. And actually even more, because it’s not just your smart meter that’s transmitting.  Multiple 190,000 by the number of meters in a 2-mile radius—thousands if you live in a city—and you have a realistic picture of how many radiation pulses your body is really experiencing.

Your body experiences every single hit. The utility statements are like time-averaging the blows from a jackhammer. Even though most of the time a jackhammer is on, it’s not hitting something (but rather travelling toward its destination), when it hits, it hits hard. If you time-averaged jackhammer blows, you’d believe a jack hammer didn’t have enough strength to break concrete. But it does. Pulsed radiation, just like pulsed jackhammer blows, are harmful.

You might say, “Well, there are so many other wireless devices and radio-frequency waves in the environment nowadays.” That’s true. And they are also harmful to health. But smart meter radiation is far and beyond the radiation from other devices, both because of the microwave radiation and the dirty electricity it generates. Let’s take another look at the EPRI chart we presented above.

The blue represents peak smart meter frequencies within a half-hour period. (Note that this chart  does not represent all the transmissions within a half-hour period, as the transmissions come so quickly and so often that the meters used to measure transmissions cannot capture them all.) The green represents the averaged smart meter frequencies, which, as you can see, are much lower. That is what averaging does. And you might just be able to make out at the bottom a yellow line. That barely discernible line represents the background radiation from all other sources (Wi-Fi, cell towers, etc.). That amount has increased strikingly since the EPRI report was issued in 2010, but even if it has doubled, it does not even begin to touch the smart meter frequencies. Here are two blow-ups of a portion of that chart, so that you can better see the non-smart-meter radiation:


The FCC Limits Are Well Above Even Peak Transmissions,
So Why Does Any of This Matter?

The FCC limits for smart meters—and every other kind of radiation—look only  at the average over time, not the “peak pulses.” So when the utilities say their smart meter emissions fall within the FCC limits, all that means is the average pulse does not exceed the FCC limits. But consider this. The FCC limits were designed for a half-hour one-time exposure to radio-frequency by a six-foot tall, 200-pound man. They were designed only to prevent his tissue from being over-heated in a half hour. They did not take into account the biological effects on cells and on organs like the heart, the brain, and the gastro-intestinal system. These guidelines were not designed for repeated exposure, and they were certainly not designed for continuous, 24-hour exposure. The European Union has stated that the exposure limits are too high. The U.S. Department of the Interior stated in 2014 that cell-phone tower emissions are harming wildlife. Humans are also animals.


How Smart Meters Transmit and Why This Matters
Hot Spots and Amplification

Here is a picture of what most people think of when they think of smart-meter signaling. One meter on a house, a little burst a few times a day that travels in a straight line. This is the kind of thing the utility companies show you, convincing you, “Oh, it’s just one little meter. No big deal.” In fact, the meters do not spread the radiofrequency waves in a straight line, as this picture would imply. Rather, the waves radiate from their source in all directions. 24/7. It’s not just the person standing in the red line that will get a dose of RF.

This picture represents the incorrect notion most peopl have about microwave transmission from smart meters. Smart meters are in fact emitting radiation 24/7 for 2 or more miles.


Here’s a picture of just three smart meters communicating with each other. The red dots represent meters. (For the time being, you can ignore the red and blue lines in the picture.)

Notice that the meters send out microwave radiation in all directions, which is represented here by the large circles. If we could show you this in three dimensions, the circles would become globes. Where the microwaves (radiofrequency signals) sent out by meters overlap, there are hot-spots of higher-than-expected radiation. The meters can transmit a strong signal for two miles, so these circles represent only a fraction of the actual transmission distance. Keep in mind that many homes have more than one meter, and in addition there are smart gas meters and, in many places, smart water meters, all of which are also transmitting 24/7.

The picture below shows you what it’s really like. Each one of these circles (globes) you see on this picture is pulsing in millisecond blasts. If people could see this—if it were like smoke, or smog—we’d be cleaning it up right away! In fact, it’s know as electro-smog. Dr. Karl Maret calculated in 2010 that background RF radiation had increased 20,000 times since 1980. With the widespread introduction of smart meters across the country in the last few years, that number has increased exponentially. If people could see this—if it were like smoke, or smog—we’d be cleaning it up right away! In fact, it’s known as electro-smog.

Smart meter electrosmog, represented by the large red circles. The small circles represent meters. Many houses have more than one electric meter, in addition to smart gas and water meters, as well as Wi-Fi.

Let’s take a moment to learn about collector meters, meter chatter, and mesh networks because they have important implications for health. As we mentioned, smart meters send information (data on your electricity usage) to the utility about 6 times a day. However, the meters are chattering with (talking to) one another constantly, comprising what is known as a mesh network. It is this “chatter” (incessant signaling) that accounts for the 9,600 to 190,000 transmissions per day. Unlike a cell-phone network, which has large antennas that capture and transmit data, with individual phones moving around and connecting to the closest antenna in order to utilize the network, a mesh network has no centralized antennas. Every meter in the network can connect to every other one.  A DTE employee has told us that one in every 17 or so homes or office buildings is the collection point for all the meter transmissions in an area. As this employee put it, “We know the person who has a collecting meter on their home is going to have a funeral coming up soon.”

Representation of meters signalling to each other. Signals can travel meter to meter (represented by the red lines), or a meter can skip many meters (the latter represented by the green line). One or more of these meters is a collector meter, which receives many more signals than the other meters because it is the “gathering point” that meters send their data to. The collector meter then sends data to a data collection unit, which is often mounted on a telephone pole. Meters chatter with each other 24/7. This picture cannot even begin to represent the multitude of signals. At the same time that all this is happening, the data collection unit and collector meter may be sending signals back to the meters (singals back represented by the red lines).


DTE data collection unit or relay station mounted on a telephone pole. Note the antenna.
The meters send their data to a collector meter—which is mounted on someone’s home—by passing it meter to meter. The collector meter gathers all the data in the area and sends it to a data collection unit, which is often mounted on a telephone pole. The closer your meter is to the collector, the more transmissions—pulses of radiation—you are receiving each day. Keep in mind, the meters are chattering with one another constantly. And not just with one meter—with multiple. So there are transmissions far and beyond what is represented in the picture—a single transmission could actually consist of 80 queries. Multiply that by 40 or so meters, and you have 3200 “single” transmissions. Multiply that by 190,000. You see where that leads. The collector meter asks another meter for data. It is querying meters constantly. There can be 40 meters in a network, which means it could be querying 40 meters every few seconds.  Each meter sends its data to the meter closest to it, then that one to the next one, etc. So a single transmission could consist of up to 80 queries (40 x 2 = [the query x 40] + [the signal back x 40]). The meter closest to the collector would only have to send its query to the collector, so it has 2 transmissions per query. BUT—the meter closest to the collector is receiving all the other signals.

Signals can travel meter to meter (represented by the blue lines), or a meter can skip many meters (the latter represented by the green line). This picture cannot even begin to represent the multitude of signals.

At the same time that all this is happening, the data collection unit and collector meter may be sending signals back to the meters (represented by the red lines). To see pictures of the various types of data collection units and to read more about them, read our Data Collection Unit page.

In addition to the RF from your smart meter and all the other meters in your city, you are getting dosed with microwave radiation from the ZigBee wireless radio that connects with all the “smart” appliances DTE and the appliance manufacturers hope you will soon be buying. This Zigbee is not turned off, so radio-off opt-out meter is a misnomer. We’ll talk about the privacy implications of this later. The Zigbee radio sends RF signals into your home, polling your smart appliances in the same way DTE smart meters poll the other meters in the neighborhood. If you have a smart meter, all this data can potentially be sent back to the utility, letting them know what kinds of appliances you have in your home and when and how you use them. Learn more on our Privacy page. The Zigbee also connects with your gas meter. The 2.4 GHz that it operates at is harmful to health.


Dirty Electricity

What Is Dirty Electricity (Electromagnetic Interference)?

So, you might be thinking, all this sounds pretty bad. Why not just have DTE put the opt-out meter on your home and save yourself a big fight?The reason is, the smart meter not only emits RF, it also generates what is commonly known as dirty electricity (a.k.a., line noise or power quality issues). Dirty electricity is pulsed electromagnetic radiation, and causes numerous health problems. We also discuss dirty electricity on our Dirty Electricity page. This page will give you some of the same as well as different information that what you will find on our Dirty Electricity page, so we suggest you read both pages.

In order to run the smart meter or any digital meter— the 240 volts coming off the power line to the meter must be stepped down to 4–10 volts. Otherwise, the computer circuitry in the meter will be fried out. A switched mode power supply  inside the meter steps down the voltage, then steps it back up to 120 volts, the voltage that powers your home. This process of stepping down and stepping up generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and referred to by electricians and electrical engineers as “voltage transients,” “harmonics,” “line noise,” “power quality issues,” or “electromagnetic interference.”

Here you see a picture of dirty electricity. Notice how spiky and variable it is.

The blue wave you see running through this is a so-called clean wave. There are no spikes, no variability. That is what the electricity running through your home should look like. Scientific studies indicate that pulsed electromagnetic waves—which includes dirty electricity and the radiofrequency waves emitted by smart meters—are especially deleterious to health. Learn more on our Health page, and read more below.

This dirty electricity travels through your home wiring. The magnetic field radiates out from your home wiring, into the room you are in. You are surrounded by it above—in your ceiling; below, if you have a basement; and on all sides. You are being hit with millisecond blasts of dirty electricity, similar to the smart meter pulses we discussed earlier.

Notice in the picture below how dirty electricity is similar to the pictures you saw earlier of the spiky RF from smart meters.

Here is another way to understand dirty electricity. The first wave in the picture below shows a “clean” electromagnetic wave, the kind you would find in your home wiring if it weren’t for smart meters and other forms of electromagnetic interference. Every second the wave peaks. It is consistent.

Most people’s bodies adapt to this regularly occurring wave. The bottom wave shows how dirty electricity “rides” on this wave. You can see why dirty electricity is also known as “electromagnetic interference” and “line noise.” These frequencies are extremely difficult to filter out. This picture is from a company that manufactures filters to filter out line noise. As the company’s website notes, “Any imperfections in this signal can adversely affect electrical equipment, causing poor performance, incorrect functionality or damage to sensitive circuitry.” This helps you understand why some people report that their appliances have been fried out after smart meter installation. Smart meter frequencies are extremely difficult to filter out, according to Rob States, an engineer who is developing systems to work with the electromagnetic interference caused by smart meters.

Because dirty electricity can back up on the power line, the houses around you with smart meters can contaminate your lines.

Many modern-day devices generate dirty electricity. They do not generate the gigantic spikes that smart meters do, and they do not contaminate your entire home. They may contaminate

an entire circuit in your home, or only a part of it. But having a laptop plugged into the circuit in your office will not contaminate the circuit in your bedroom. Dirty electricity is best measured with an oscilloscope. A Graham-Stetzer filter will allow you to inexpensively get an idea of some of the degree of dirty electricity contamination in your home.


Dirty Electricity and Health

Dirty electricity is as responsible for the health effects from smart meters as radiofrequency, perhaps even more so. People who have smart meters with one of the two radio-transmitters turned off are getting just as sick as people with fully functioning smart meters. Here’s one example:

A family was moving from a home with an analog meter. The mother said, “Knowing the dangers of radiation from a smart meter, I opted out, thinking it was all going to be fine.” DTE installed the opt-out smart meter, the family moved in, and she and her children were ill by the very next day, experiencing vomiting, nosebleeds, flu-like symptoms, ringing in the ears, and headaches. As time went on, the mother experienced brain fog and memory problems. At first, her husband did not experience any problems and thought that perhaps it was all in his wife’s head, but a month later he began spending more time at home and began suffering as well. The family removed the meter from their home after two months and their symptoms subsided immediately.

One man with an opt-out meter has wound up twice in the ER with mental confusion. He feels metallic shocks through his body when inside his home and cannot sleep. He is a successful businessman, and began sleeping in his car. Now he shuts off all his electricity except when he needs it. Prior to DTE’s opt-out meter, he had a regular smart meter on his home. Because it was making him sick, he took it off. The so-called non-transmitting meter didn’t help, as you can see.

All the symptoms people experience with smart meters are experienced by people with opt-out meters.



Our bodies are electromagnetic. This is why our brains work and why our heart beats and our muscles contract. As Michio Kaku, CUNY physicist, futurist, and author says, “Our brains are milliwatt transmitters.”  Nature, the premier publication in science, notes: “There are striking analogies between signaling networks in biological systems and electronic circuits.”

Brain signaling is an electromagnetic and electrochemical phenomenon.
The heart beats via electromagnetic signals. Heart palpitations, pre-ventricular contractions, and tachycardia are commonly reported by people after smart meters are installed on their homes.
The magnetic field of the heart, from Arthur Winfree, PhD, When Time Breaks Down

Electromagnetic fields of all kinds (radiofrequency/microwave, dirty electricity) knock calcium ions off the cell membrane. This accounts for the wide variety of effects seen with exposure to smart meters because calcium acts like a neurotransmitter. Thus, your heart, your gut, your brain, your muscles, and your hormones can be affected. In general, the first place that is harmed is the place where you have the least resistance. Over time, various other organ systems will be harmed. We go into this in great detail on our Health: The Science page.

Martin Blank, Ph.D, of Columbia University, has been researching the effects of electromagnetic fields for over 40 years. At first he, like most scientists, was a non-believer: radiofrequency couldn’t possibly cause he alth problems. He read a research paper by a colleague (Reba Goodman), and couldn’t believe her findings. But, like a good scientist, he kept an open mind. He talked with her and began to
conduct his own studies. He found that her conclusions were correct. He had believed there were no effects, because that is what the textbooks—based on no research whatsoever, just an inference—had taught him. And it is what he taught to his students. Medical students continue to be taught that most electromagnetic fields do not affect the human body.

Breakage of DNA bonds.

Blank’s research looks at how electromagnetic fields break DNA bonds. This is a precursor to cancer.  Both radiofrequency and the pulsed electromagnetic fields from dirty electricity can break DNA bonds. Blank has written the book Overpowered, about the effects of electromagnetic fields on health.

Below is a picture from the University of Utah researcher Om Ghandi showing how far cell phone radiation penetrates into the brain. Studies by University of California at Santa Cruz Professor of Nuclear Policy Daniel Hirsch show that the whole-body cumulative radiation exposure from wireless meters is 100–160 times more than cell phone exposure.

The latest cell phone research shows that people who used wireless phones—cell or cordless—for more than a year were at 70% greater risk of brain cancer as compared to those who used wireless phones for a year or less. Those who used wireless phones for more than 25 years were at a 300% greater risk of brain cancer. As we have seen above, smart meters emit far more radiation than al other sources combined. The son of one of our members has just been diagnosed with a glioblastoma. This kind of cancer, once rare, is increasing dramatically in the population. His cancer is in his left temporal lobe, right where most people hold their cell phone.

As Robert Kane, Ph.D., the Motorola electrical engineer who worked on cell phones, said: When exposed to cell phones, “tissue destruction in one’s brain may be occurring w/o the slightest indication that anything is happening.  And the damage may be repeated, over and over again, each time the energy exposure takes place.” With pulsed electromagnetic fields (RF and dirty electricity), the exposure is thousands of times a day, in millisecond blasts. Four of the five people working on cell phones for Motorola died of brain cancer, including Kane. Read Kane’s book on Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, which can be freely downloaded. Cancers can take 15 or 20 years to develop. Do you want to take that chance?

There are literally tens of thousands of scientific studies showing the deleterious effects of pusled electromagnetic radiation (radiofrequency and dirty electricity) on the body. You can find many of them at the Bioinitiative Report and JustProveIt.net. JustProveIt catalogs every study, regardless of findings.

Let’s look at some of the health effects people in Michigan are experiencing. You can read many more stories of Michigan residents on our Smart Meter Health blogspot.

Drew, a 16-year-old diabetic boy, had had stable blood sugar levels since his diagnosis two years earlier. In July 2012, a smart meter was put on his home. Neither he nor his mother knew this. His mom, Leslie, was suddenly  unable to sleep but didn’t know why. She’d always been a very good sleeper. In late August, after telling friends about her inability to sleep, someone asked her if a smart meter had been put on her home. “What’s a smart meter?” she asked.

She discovered the a meter, and learned it had been installed the day she became unable to sleep. Meanwhile, her son was sleeping just fine. But smart meters can be silent killers. Two months after the meter was put on his home, Drew went to the endocrinologist for his usual check-up. The doctor told him his blood-sugar levels had shot into the danger zone.

Leslie suspected the smart meter might be the cause of their symptoms. She spent months trying to get DTE to take it off their home. DTE refused. Leslie was so wracked with insomnia, she began sleeping in a tent in her yard until the high winds in October blew it down repeatedly.

Finally, she took the smart meter off, in January 2013. Drew went back for his checkup a month later, and his blood-sugar levels had returned to a normal range. Three months later, at his next check-up, they were even better. Leslie, meanwhile, was able to sleep again. Leslie, by the way, still has her analog meter on her home.

Numerous scientific studies show that radiofrequency and pulsed ELF fields affect hormones—insulin is one of those hormones. A man from Inkster told us that he had sudden spikes in his blood sugar and blood pressure, which had always been well-maintained with medication. His doctor couldn’t figure it out. Then, someone gave him one of our flyers. He read it, took it to his doctor, and his doctor said, “Well, that’s the likely cause.” His smart meter had been installed just before his blood pressure and blood sugar spiked. We have received report after report of blood sugar levels increasing and of high blood pressure occurring immediately after smart meter installation.

Thyroid problems are another common problem. Melatonin is another hormone disrupted by radiofrequency. Effects of reduced melatonin include insomnia, eye stress, chronic fatigue, miscarriage, DNA damage, and cancer.

Here’s another story.

Caroline says: “Life can change in a heartbeat—literally. That’s what happened for me. We didn’t know a smart meter had been installed on our home until we got our electric bill about a month after the meter was installed. Was I worried? Just the opposite— I was excited, having heard only great things about them.”

Caroline had been waking up with a racing heart for a few weeks before she got her electric bill. “I couldn’t figure it out. Was I having bad dreams? Soon, I began noticing irregular heart palpitations during the day. I was also experiencing insomnia, headaches, ear pain, difficulty hearing, flu-like symptoms, numbness, excessive flatulence and abdominal pains, and rashes, to name a few.” Her children began to get many of the problems. She thought maybe they all had the flu. Her husband seemed to be fine. Then, he had two weeks off work and began to develop rashes.

Notice how Caroline figures it must be anything but the smart meter causing the problems—bad dreams, the flu. And, like most people, her health problems began before she knew a smart meter had been installed on her home.

By chance, while doing an Internet search on the environmental benefits of smart meters, she clicked on a link and found person after person was reporting the symptoms she and her family were experiencing—all after smart meter installation. “It seemed crazy. We—my family and I—had been using wireless technology for years. How could these meters be any different? How could they truly affect people's health like this? So began my crash course on EMFs, microwave technology, and electrohypersensitivity.”

Why do smart meters cause such a vast array of health effects? The effect of EMFs on calcium can explain the vast majority of health effects, first because calcium plays a critical role in the transmission of nerve signals and secondly because calcium is the glue that holds the cell walls together. EMFs can easily knock the calcium ions off the cell membrane.

Representation of calcium ion being knocked off the cell membrane. Calcium holds the cell wall together. When cell walls break, contents move in and out in ways and amounts that are detrimental to the body. Calcium, which has a double positive charge, and thus bonds tightly, is replaced by potassium (K), which has a single positive charge and cannot hold the wall together as well.

An excess calcium causes the transmission of unnecessary nerve signals. This accounts for things like heart palpitations, insomnia, and anxiety, and ADD. You can read about this in greater detail on our Health: The Science page, where we have numerous links to research on this phenomenon.

When calcium is pulled off the cell wall, the cell membrane is weakened—the cell becomes leaky. Leaky cell walls cause the blood-brain barrier is breached. The blood-brain barrier protects our brain from toxins. A leaky blood-brain barrier is partly responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. Have you ever wondered why we have seen such a huge climb in the rate of Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease? Have you noticed how the increase correlates with the proliferation of wireless in our society? The background RF radiation has increased 20,000 times since the 1980s! It’s about 15 years into that that we started to see a really big rise in these diseases.

Representation of calcium ion being knocked off the cell membrane. Calcium holds the cell wall together. When cell walls break, contents move in and out in ways and amounts that are detrimental to the body. Calcium, which has a double positive charge, and thus bonds tightly, is replaced by potassium (K), which has a single positive charge and cannot hold the wall together as well.

Medium to high EMF exposure increases risk of Alzheimer’s four- to five-fold. The incredible rate of increase in Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, ADD, Lou Gehrig’s disease and many other diseases and disorders correlates with the increasing prevalence of radiofrequency radiation and digital devices in our environment.

Leaky blood-brain barriers are implicated in Parkinson’s disease. See, e.g., study 1, study 2, study 3.

Science mainly works deductively. That means that you observe phenomena in nature, then work at discovering the likely cause or causes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the installation of a new technology on people’s homes is causing changes in their health. Very few—if any—people in Michigan were complaining that they felt ill inside their own home prior to the installation of a smart meter on their home. Many of the people who have fallen ill did not know—some for literally three years—that a smart meter had been installed on their home. Remember how Gulf War syndrome was pooh-poohed by scientists and the military as being all in people’s heads? The question isn’t whether it is affecting people. The question isn’t really even how, though our understanding can always be increased. The question is, why are we installing a dangerous technology on people’s homes? And, if the powers that be are insistent on its continued use—How do we make it safe?

Read more about the effects of EMFs on health on our Health: The Science page, our Health Problems People Are Experiencing page, and our Dirty Electricity page. For numerous stories on health effects, see our Smart Meter Health blogspot.



Read about the effect of radiofrequency and smart meters on the environment on our Environment pages: Environmental Hazards, Do Smart Meters Really Save Energy?, and More Environmental Information.



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Are you searching for information about Michigan electric utility DTE's advanced meters, also called smart meters, their opt-out program, and whether the radio-off meter will harm your health? Are you worried about costs, safety, privacy, the environment, bees, frogs? Will it raise your rates? We know that many electromagnetic frequencies cause dangerous health problems, which are listed below. DTE’s advanced meter needs to be kept off your property. It emits microwave radiation. Don’t accept their opt-out meter. Cancer, DNA breaks, breaching of the blood-brain barrier. Consumer’s Energy and DTE are both installing these meters all over Michigan. The opt out will not help you because of the dirty electricity—power quality issues due to voltage transients and harmonics—caused by the switched mode power supplies of these meter. The most common health effects are tinnitus (ringing in the ears), insomnia, memory problems, anxiety in the body, and clenching the teeth. Endocrine (hormonal) problems are common, including thyroid and diabetes.

DTE will charge you $67 to install a dangerous meter and $9 to $9.80 per month to have a meter reader read it. Consumers Energy is charging even more. It’s important to keep you analog meter. Analog meters have no known health effects. What can you to to protect yourself from DTE and Consumers Energy advanced (smart) meters? Detroit Edison isalso on the list.

Did you receive DTE’s letter about the radio-off meter for the opt out, also called the nontransmitting meter? Did that letter say “Immediate Reply Required”? “What do I do?” you ask. Is a smart meter or advanced meter or digital meter bad for your health. Is it worse than a cell phone. Are the skeptics correct? Should you call DTE’s 800-477-4747 number to opt out? Should you not opt out? Are there alternatives? Did the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) make a bad decision? Is the radio-on meter O.K.? Is it worse than a baby monitor or a garage door opener? Can you say no to the installer? Do you have to have one of these meters on your home? Can businesses opt out? Can customers opt out? Has DTE considered the health effects? What happened in U-17000 and U-17658? Will customers win in the Michigan Court of Appeals? Did the Michigan Attorney General do enough in this rate case? Why weren’t the health effects and privacy issues for Michigan consumers considered? What about the elderly, children, and the disabled? Can you be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The health effects of microwave radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, and non-ionizing radiation have been known for years. Cell phone studies show the harmful effects of RF. Health effects from these meters include health effects tinnitus insomnia headaches please add the lists from our website.

Detroit Edison and DTE is installing these meters in Dearborn Livonia Macomb County Wayne County Washtenaw County Genesee County Lapeer County Livingston County* Macomb County* Monroe County* Oakland County* Saint Clair County* Washtenaw County* Wayne County* Ann Arbor Plymouth Romulus Romeo Detroit Canton Livonia Northville South Lyon Dexter Ypsilanti Belleville Adrian, Lenawee County Dearborn Livonia Monroe, Monroe County Mount Clemens, Michigan, Macomb County Novi Pontiac, Oakland County Port Huron, St. Clair County Romulus, Royal Oak Birmingham Southfield Sterling Heights, Rochester hills, birmingham warren wayne flat rock tecumseh Troy Warren, Brighton Irish Hills Roseville St. Clair Shores Sterling Heights Utica Warren Center Line Eastpointe Fraser Auburn Hills Berkley Birmingham Bloomfield Hills Clarkston Clawson Farmington Farmington Hills 1 Ferndale Hazel Park Huntington Woods Keego Harbor Lake Angelus Lathrup Village Madison Heights Novi Oak Park Orchard Lake Village Pontiac (county seat) Rochester Rochester Hills Royal Oak South Lyon Southfield Sylvan Lake Troy Walled Lake Wixom Pleasant Ridge Allen Park Belleville Dearborn Heights Dearborn Detroit Ecorse Flat Rock Garden City Gibraltar Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe Park Grosse Pointe Woods Hamtramck Harper Woods Highland Park Inkster Lincoln Park Livonia Melvindale Northville Plymouth River Rouge Riverview Rockwood Romulus Southgate Taylor Trenton Wayne Westland Woodhaven Wyandotte Livingston County Howell Township Vassar Superior Township Scio Township Westland. Consumers in Allegan Muskegon Manchester Jackson Grand Rapids.


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Denver Township, Isabella County, Denver Township, Newaygo County, Detour Township, Chippewa County, DeWitt Charter Township, Clinton County, Dexter Township, Washtenaw County, Dickson Township, Manistee County, Dorr Township, Allegan County, Douglass Township, Montcalm County, Dover Township, Lake County, Dover Township, Lenawee County, Dover Township, Otsego County, Doyle Township, Schoolcraft County, Drummond Township, Chippewa County, Dryden Township, Lapeer County, Duncan Township, Houghton County, Dundee Township, Monroe County, Duplain Township, Clinton County, Dwight Township, Huron County, Eagle Harbor Township, Keweenaw County, Eagle Township, Clinton County, East Bay Township, Grand Traverse County, East China Township, St. Clair County, Easton Township, Ionia County, Eaton Rapids Township, Eaton County, Eaton Township, Eaton County, Echo Township, Antrim County, Eckford Township, Calhoun County, Eden Township, Lake County, Eden Township, Mason County, Edenville Townshipdland County, Edwards Township, Ogemaw County, Egelston Township, Muskegon County, Elba Township, Gratiot County, Elba Township, Lapeer County, Elbridge Township, Oceana County, Elk Rapids Township, Antrim County, Elk Township, Lake County, Elk Township, Sanilac County, Elkland Township, Tuscola County, Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Ellis Township, Cheboygan County, Ellsworth Township, Lake County, Elm River Township, Houghton County, Elmer Township, Oscoda County, Elmer Township, Sanilac County, Elmira Township, Otsego County, Elmwood Charter Township, Leelanau County, Elmwood Township, Tuscola County, Ely Township, Marquette County, Emerson Township, Gratiot County, Emmett Township, Calhoun County, Emmett Township, St. Clair County, Empire Township, Leelanau County, Ensign Township, Delta County, Ensley Township, Newaygo County, Enterprise Townshipssaukee County, Erie Township, Monroe County, Erwin Township, Gogebic County, Escanaba Township, Delta County, Essex Township, Clinton County, Eureka Township, Montcalm County, Evangeline Township, Charlevoix County, Evart Township, Osceola County, Eveline Township, Charlevoix County, Everett Township, Newaygo County, Evergreen Township, Montcalm County, Evergreen Township, Sanilac County, Ewing Township, Marquette County, Excelsior Township, Kalkaska County, Exeter Township, Monroe County, Fabius Township, St. Joseph County, Fairbanks Township, Delta County, Fairfield Township, Lenawee County, Fairfield Township, Shiawassee County, Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County, Fairhaven Township, Huron County, Fairplain Township, Montcalm County, Faithorn Township, Menominee County, Fawn River Township, St. Joseph County, Fayette Township, Hillsdale County, Felch Township, Dickinson County, Fenton Township, Genesee County, Ferris Township, Montcalm County, Ferry Township, Oceana County, Fife Lake Township, Grand Traverse County, Filer Charter Township, Manistee County, Fillmore Township, Allegan County, Flint Township, Genesee County, Florence Township, St. Joseph County, Flowerfield Township, St. Joseph County, Flushing Township, Genesee County, Flynn Township, Sanilac County, Ford River Township, Delta County, Forest Home Township, Antrim County, Forest Township, Cheboygan County, Forest Township, Genesee County, Forest Townshipssaukee County, Forester Township, Sanilac County, Fork Township, Mecosta County, Forsyth Township, Marquette County, Fort Gratiot Township, St. Clair County, Foster Township, Ogemaw County, Frankenlust Township, Bay County, Frankenmuth Township, Saginaw County, Franklin Township, Clare County, Franklin Township, Houghton County, Franklin Township, Lenawee County, Fraser Township, Bay County, Frederic Township, Crawford County, Fredonia Township, Calhoun County, Free Soil Township, Mason County, Freedom Township, Washtenaw County, Freeman Township, Clare County, Fremont Township, Isabella County, Fremont Township, Saginaw County, Fremont Township, Sanilac County, Fremont Township, Tuscola County, Frenchtown Township, Monroe County, Friendship Township, Emmet County, Frost Township, Clare County, Fruitland Township, Muskegon County, Fruitport Charter Township, Muskegon County, Fulton Township, Gratiot County, Gaines Township, Genesee County, Gaines Township, Kent County, Galien Township, Berrien County, Ganges Township, Allegan County, Garden Township, Delta County, Garfield Township, Bay County, Garfield Township, Clare County, Garfield Township, Grand Traverse County, Garfield Township, Kalkaska County, Garfield Township, Mackinac County, Garfield Township, Newaygo County, Genesee Township, Genesee County, Geneva Townshipdland County, Geneva Township, Van Buren County, Genoa Township, Livingston County, Georgetown Township, Ottawa County, Germfask Township, Schoolcraft County, Gerrish Township, Roscommon County, Gibson Township, Bay County, Gilead Township, Branch County, Gilford Township, Tuscola County, Gilmore Township, Benzie County, Gilmore Township, Isabella County, Girard Township, Branch County, Gladwin Township, Gladwin County, Glen Arbor Township, Leelanau County, Golden Township, Oceana County, Goodar Township, Ogemaw County, Goodland Township, Lapeer County, Goodwell Township, Newaygo County, Gore Township, Huron County, Gourley Township, Menominee County, Grand Blanc Township, Genesee County, Grand Haven Township, Ottawa County, Grand Island Township, Alger County, Grand Rapids Charter Township, Kent County, Grant Township, Cheboygan County, Grant Township, Clare County, Grant Township, Grand Traverse County, Grant Township, Huron County, Grant Township, Iosco County, Grant Township, Keweenaw County, Grant Township, Mason County, Grant Township, Mecosta County, Grant Township, Newaygo County, Grant Township, Oceana County, Grant Township, St. Clair County, Grass Lake Charter Township, Jackson County, Grattan Township, Kent County, Grayling Township, Crawford County, Green Lake Township, Grand Traverse County, Green Oak Township, Livingston County, Green Township, Alpena County, Green Charter Township, Mecosta County, Greenbush Township, Alcona County, Greenbush Township, Clinton County, Greendale Townshipdland County, Greenland Township, Ontonagon County, Greenleaf Township, Sanilac County, Greenwood Township, Clare County, Greenwood Township, Oceana County, Greenwood Township, Oscoda County, Greenwood Township, St. Clair County, Greenwood Township, Wexford County, Grim Township, Gladwin County, Grosse Ile Township, Wayne County, Grout Township, Gladwin County, Groveland Township, Oakland County, Gun Plain Township, Allegan County, Gustin Township, Alcona County, Hadley Township, Lapeer County, Hagar Township, Berrien County, Haight Township, Ontonagon County, Hamburg Township, Livingston County, Hamilton Township, Clare County, Hamilton Township, Gratiot County, Hamilton Township, Van Buren County, Hamlin Township, Eaton County, Hamlin Township, Mason County, Hampton Township, Bay County, Hancock Township, Houghton County, Handy Township, Livingston County, Hanover Township, Jackson County, Hanover Township, Wexford County, Haring Township, Wexford County, Harris Township, Menominee County, Harrison Township, Macomb County, Harrisville Township, Alcona County, Hart Township, Oceana County, Hartford Township, Van Buren County, Hartland Township, Livingston County, Hartwick Township, Osceola County, Hastings Charter Township, Barry County, Hatton Township, Clare County, Hawes Township, Alcona County, Hay Township, Gladwin County, Hayes Township, Charlevoix County, Hayes Township, Clare County, Hayes Township, Otsego County, Haynes Township, Alcona County, Hazelton Township, Shiawassee County, Heath Township, Allegan County, Hebron Township, Cheboygan County, Helena Township, Antrim County, Hematite Township, Iron County, Henderson Township, Wexford County, Hendricks Township, Mackinac County, Henrietta Township, Jackson County, Hersey Township, Osceola County, Hiawatha Township, Schoolcraft County, Higgins Township, Roscommon County, Highland Township, Oakland County, Highland Township, Osceola County, Hill Township, Ogemaw County, Hillman Township, Montmorency County, Hillsdale Township, Hillsdale County, Hinton Township, Mecosta County, Holland Townshipssaukee County, Holland Township, Ottawa County, Holly Township, Oakland County, Holmes Township, Menominee County, Holton Township, Muskegon County, Home Township, Montcalm County, Home Township, Newaygo County, Homer Township, Calhoun County, Homer Townshipdland County, Homestead Township, Benzie County, Hope Township, Barry County, Hope Townshipdland County, Hopkins Township, Allegan County, Horton Township, Ogemaw County, Houghton Township, Keweenaw County, Howard Township, Cass County, Howell Township, Livingston County, Hudson Township, Charlevoix County, Hudson Township, Lenawee County, Hudson Township, Mackinac County, Hulbert Township, Chippewa County, Humboldt Township, Marquette County, Hume Township, Huron County, Huron Township, Huron County, Huron Charter Township, Wayne County, Ida Township, Monroe County, Imlay Township, Lapeer County, Independence Township, Oakland County, Indianfields Township, Tuscola County, Ingallston Township, Menominee County, Ingersoll Townshipdland County, Ingham Township, Ingham County, Inland Township, Benzie County, Interior Township, Ontonagon County, Inverness Township, Cheboygan County, Inwood Township, Schoolcraft County, Ionia Township, Ionia County, Iosco Township, Livingston County, Ira Township, St. Clair County, Iron River Township, Iron County, Ironwood Township, Gogebic County, Irving Township, Barry County, Isabella Township, Isabella County, Ishpeming Township, Marquette County, James Township, Saginaw County, Jamestown Township, Ottawa County, Jasper Townshipdland County, Jefferson Township, Cass County, Jefferson Township, Hillsdale County, Jerome Townshipdland County, Johnstown Township, Barry County, Jonesfield Township, Saginaw County, Jordan Township, Antrim County, Joyfield Township, Benzie County, Juniata Township, Tuscola County, Kalamazoo Township, Kalamazoo County, Kalamo Township, Eaton County, Kalkaska Township, Kalkaska County, Kasson Township, Leelanau County, Kawkawlin Township, Bay County, Kearney Township, Antrim County, Keeler Township, Van Buren County, Keene Township, Ionia County, Kenockee Township, St. Clair County, Kimball Township, St. Clair County, Kinderhook Township, Branch County, Kingston Township, Tuscola County, Kinross Township, Chippewa County, Klacking Township, Ogemaw County, Kochville Township, Saginaw County, Koehler Township, Cheboygan County, Koylton Township, Tuscola County, Krakow Township, Presque Isle County, LaGrange Township, Cass County, La Salle Township, Monroe County, Lafayette Township, Gratiot County, Laird Township, Houghton County, Lake Charter Township, Berrien County, Lake Township, Benzie County, Lake Township, Huron County, Lake Township, Lake County, Lake Township, Menominee County, Lake Townshipssaukee County, Lake Township, Roscommon County, Lakefield Township, Luce County, Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Laketon Township, Muskegon County, Laketown Township, Allegan County, Lamotte Township, Sanilac County, L'Anse Township, Baraga County, Lansing Charter Township, Ingham County, Lapeer Township, Lapeer County, Larkin Charter Townshipdland County, Lawrence Township, Van Buren County, Le Roy Township, Osceola County, Leavitt Township, Oceana County, Lebanon Township, Clinton County, Lee Township, Allegan County, Lee Township, Calhoun County, Lee Townshipdland County, Leelanau Township, Leelanau County, Leighton Township, Allegan County, Leland Township, Leelanau County, Lenox Township, Macomb County, Leoni Township, Jackson County, Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Leroy Township, Calhoun County, Leroy Township, Ingham County, Leslie Township, Ingham County, Lexington Township, Sanilac County, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Liberty Township, Wexford County, Lilley Township, Newaygo County, Lima Township, Washtenaw County, Limestone Township, Alger County, Lincoln Charter Township, Berrien County, Lincoln Township, Arenac County, Lincoln Township, Clare County, Lincoln Township, Huron County, Lincoln Township, Isabella County, Lincoln Townshipdland County, Lincoln Township, Newaygo County, Lincoln Township, Osceola County, Litchfield Township, Hillsdale County, Little Traverse Township, Emmet County, Littlefield Township, Emmet County, Livingston Township, Otsego County, Locke Township, Ingham County, Lockport Township, St. Joseph County, Lodi Township, Washtenaw County, Logan Township, Mason County, Logan Township, Ogemaw County, London Township, Monroe County, Long Lake Township, Grand Traverse County, Long Rapids Township, Alpena County, Loud Township, Montmorency County, Lovells Township, Crawford County, Lowell Township, Kent County, Lyndon Township, Washtenaw County, Lynn Township, St. Clair County, Lyon Township, Oakland County, Lyon Township, Roscommon County, Lyons Township, Ionia County, Mackinaw Township, Cheboygan County, Macomb Township, Macomb County, Macon Township, Lenawee County, Madison Charter Township, Lenawee County, Mancelona Township, Antrim County, Manchester Township, Washtenaw County, Manistee Township, Manistee County, Manistique Township, Schoolcraft County, Manlius Township, Allegan County, Mansfield Township, Iron County, Maple Forest Township, Crawford County, Maple Grove Township, Barry County, Maple Grove Township, Manistee County, Maple Grove Township, Saginaw County, Maple Ridge Township, Alpena County, Maple Ridge Township, Delta County, Maple River Township, Emmet County, Maple Valley Township, Montcalm County, Maple Valley Township, Sanilac County, Marathon Township, Lapeer County, Marcellus Township, Cass County, Marengo Township, Calhoun County, Marenisco Township, Gogebic County, Marilla Township, Manistee County, Marion Township, Charlevoix County, Marion Township, Livingston County, Marion Township, Osceola County, Marion Township, Saginaw County, Marion Township, Sanilac County, Markey Township, Roscommon County, Marlette Township, Sanilac County, Marquette Township, Mackinac County, Marquette Township, Marquette County, Marshall Township, Calhoun County, Martin Township, Allegan County, Martiny Township, Mecosta County, Mason Township, Arenac County, Mason Township, Cass County, Masonville Township, Delta County, Mastodon Township, Iron County, Matchwood Township, Ontonagon County, Mathias Township, Alger County, Matteson Township, Branch County, Mayfield Township, Grand Traverse County, Mayfield Township, Lapeer County, McKinley Township, Emmet County, McKinley Township, Huron County, McMillan Township, Luce County, McMillan Township, Ontonagon County, Meade Township, Huron County, Meade Township, Mason County, Mecosta Township, Mecosta County, Medina Township, Lenawee County, Mellen Township, Menominee County, Melrose Township, Charlevoix County, Mendon Township, St. Joseph County, Menominee Township, Menominee County, Mentor Township, Cheboygan County, Mentor Township, Oscoda County, Meridian Charter Township, Ingham County, Merrill Township, Newaygo County, Merritt Township, Bay County, Metamora Township, Lapeer County, Metz Township, Presque Isle County, Meyer Township, Menominee County, Michigamme Township, Marquette County, Middle Branch Township, Osceola County, Middlebury Township, Shiawassee County, Midland Townshipdland County, Mikado Township, Alcona County, Milan Township, Monroe County, Milford Township, Oakland County, Millbrook Township, Mecosta County, Millen Township, Alcona County, Millington Township, Tuscola County, Mills Townshipdland County, Mills Township, Ogemaw County, Milton Township, Antrim County, Milton Township, Cass County, Minden Township, Sanilac County, Mitchell Township, Alcona County, Moffatt Township, Arenac County, Moltke Township, Presque Isle County, Monitor Township, Bay County, Monroe Charter Township, Monroe County, Monroe Township, Newaygo County, Montague Township, Muskegon County, Montcalm Township, Montcalm County, Monterey Township, Allegan County, Montmorency Township, Montmorency County, Montrose Township, Genesee County, Moore Township, Sanilac County, Moorland Township, Muskegon County, Moran Township, Mackinac County, Morton Township, Mecosta County, Moscow Township, Hillsdale County, Mottville Township, St. Joseph County, Mount Forest Township, Bay County, Mount Haley Townshipdland County, Mount Morris Township, Genesee County, Mueller Township, Schoolcraft County, Mullett Township, Cheboygan County, Mundy Township, Genesee County, Munising Township, Alger County, Munro Township, Cheboygan County, Muskegon Township, Muskegon County, Mussey Township, St. Clair County, Nadeau Township, Menominee County, Nahma Township, Delta County, Napoleon Township, Jackson County, Negaunee Township, Marquette County, Nelson Township, Kent County, Nester Township, Roscommon County, New Buffalo Township, Berrien County, New Haven Township, Gratiot County, New Haven Township, Shiawassee County, Newark Township, Gratiot County, Newberg Township, Cass County, Newfield Township, Oceana County, Newkirk Township, Lake County, Newton Township, Calhoun County, Newton Township, Mackinac County, Niles Charter Township, Berrien County, Noble Township, Branch County, Norman Township, Manistee County, North Allis Township, Presque Isle County, North Branch Township, Lapeer County, North Plains Township, Ionia County, North Shade Township, Gratiot County, North Star Township, Gratiot County, Northfield Township, Washtenaw County, Northville Township, Wayne County, Norvell Township, Jackson County, Norway Township, Dickinson County, Norwich Townshipssaukee County, Norwich Township, Newaygo County, Norwood Township, Charlevoix County, Nottawa Township, Isabella County, Nottawa Township, St. Joseph County, Novesta Township, Tuscola County, Novi Township, Oakland County, Nunda Township, Cheboygan County, Oakfield Township, Kent County, Oakland Charter Township, Oakland County, Oceola Township, Livingston County, Ocqueoc Township, Presque Isle County, Odessa Township, Ionia County, Ogden Township, Lenawee County, Ogemaw Township, Ogemaw County, Olive Township, Clinton County, Olive Township, Ottawa County, Oliver Township, Huron County, Oliver Township, Kalkaska County, Oneida Charter Township, Eaton County, Onekama Township, Manistee County, Onondaga Township, Ingham County, Onota Township, Alger County, Ontonagon Township, Ontonagon County, Ontwa Township, Cass County, Orange Township, Ionia County, Orange Township, Kalkaska County, Orangeville Township, Barry County, Oregon Township, Lapeer County, Orient Township, Osceola County, Orion Township, Oakland County, Orleans Township, Ionia County, Oronoko Charter Township, Berrien County, Osceola Township, Houghton County, Osceola Township, Osceola County, Oscoda Township, Iosco County, Oshtemo Township, Kalamazoo County, Ossineke Township, Alpena County, Otisco Township, Ionia County, Otsego Lake Township, Otsego County, Otsego Township, Allegan County, Otto Township, Oceana County, Overisel Township, Allegan County, Ovid Township, Branch County, Ovid Township, Clinton County, Owosso Township, Shiawassee County, Oxford Charter Township, Oakland County, Palmyra Township, Lenawee County, Paradise Township, Grand Traverse County, Paris Township, Huron County, Park Township, Ottawa County, Park Township, St. Joseph County, Parma Township, Jackson County, Pavilion Township, Kalamazoo County, Paw Paw Township, Van Buren County, Peacock Township, Lake County, Peaine Township, Charlevoix County, Peninsula Township, Grand Traverse County, Penn Township, Cass County, Pennfield Charter Township, Calhoun County, Pentland Township, Luce County, Pentwater Township, Oceana County, Pere Marquette Charter Township, Mason County, Perry Township, Shiawassee County, Pickford Township, Chippewa County, Pierson Township, Montcalm County, Pinconning Township, Bay County, Pine Grove Township, Van Buren County, Pine River Township, Gratiot County, Pine Township, Montcalm County, Pinora Township, Lake County, Pioneer Townshipssaukee County, Pipestone Township, Berrien County, Pittsfield Township, Washtenaw County, Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County, Plainfield Township, Iosco County, Plainfield Township, Kent County, Platte Township, Benzie County, Pleasant Plains Township, Lake County, Pleasantview Township, Emmet County, Pleasanton Township, Manistee County, Plymouth Township, Wayne County, Pointe Aux Barques Township, Huron County, Pokagon Township, Cass County, Polkton Township, Ottawa County, Port Austin Township, Huron County, Port Huron Township, St. Clair County, Port Sheldon Township, Ottawa County, Portage Township, Houghton County, Portage Township, Mackinac County, Porter Township, Cass County, Porter Townshipdland County, Porter Township, Van Buren County, Portland Township, Ionia County, Portsmouth Township, Bay County, Posen Township, Presque Isle County, Powell Township, Marquette County, Prairie Ronde Township, Kalamazoo County, Prairieville Township, Barry County, Presque Isle Township, Presque Isle County, Pulaski Township, Jackson County, Pulawski Township, Presque Isle County, Putnam Township, Livingston County, Quincy Township, Branch County, Quincy Township, Houghton County, Raber Township, Chippewa County, Raisin Township, Lenawee County, Raisinville Township, Monroe County, Ransom Township, Hillsdale County, Rapid River Township, Kalkaska County, Ravenna Township, Muskegon County, Ray Township, Macomb County, Reading Township, Hillsdale County, Readmond Township, Emmet County, Redding Township, Clare County, Redford Township, Wayne County, Reeder Townshipssaukee County, Reno Township, Iosco County, Republic Township, Marquette County, Resort Township, Emmet County, Reynolds Township, Montcalm County, Rich Township, Lapeer County, Richfield Township, Genesee County, Richfield Township, Roscommon County, Richland Township, Kalamazoo County, Richland Townshipssaukee County, Richland Township, Montcalm County, Richland Township, Ogemaw County, Richland Township, Saginaw County, Richmond Township, Macomb County, Richmond Township, Marquette County, Richmond Township, Osceola County, Ridgeway Township, Lenawee County, Riga Township, Lenawee County, Riley Township, Clinton County, Riley Township, St. Clair County, Riverside Townshipssaukee County, Riverton Township, Mason County, Rives Township, Jackson County, Robinson Township, Ottawa County, Rock River Township, Alger County, Rockland Township, Ontonagon County, Rogers Township, Presque Isle County, Rolland Township, Isabella County, Rollin Township, Lenawee County, Rome Township, Lenawee County, Ronald Township, Ionia County, Roscommon Township, Roscommon County, Rose Lake Township, Osceola County, Rose Township, Oakland County, Rose Township, Ogemaw County, Ross Township, Kalamazoo County, Roxand Township, Eaton County, Royal Oak Charter Township, Oakland County, Royalton Township, Berrien County, Rubicon Township, Huron County, Rudyard Township, Chippewa County, Rush Township, Shiawassee County, Rust Township, Montmorency County, Rutland Charter Township, Barry County, Sage Township, Gladwin County, Saginaw Charter Township, Saginaw County, Sagola Township, Dickinson County, St. Charles Township, Saginaw County, St. Clair Township, St. Clair County, St. Ignace Township, Mackinac County, St. James Township, Charlevoix County, St. Joseph Charter Township, Berrien County, Salem Township, Allegan County, Salem Township, Washtenaw County, Saline Township, Washtenaw County, Sanborn Township, Alpena County, Sand Beach Township, Huron County, Sands Township, Marquette County, Sandstone Township, Jackson County, Sanilac Township, Sanilac County, Sauble Township, Lake County, Saugatuck Township, Allegan County, Schoolcraft Township, Houghton County, Schoolcraft Township, Kalamazoo County, Scio Township, Washtenaw County, Sciota Township, Shiawassee County, Scipio Township, Hillsdale County, Sebewa Township, Ionia County, Sebewaing Township, Huron County, Secord Township, Gladwin County, Selma Township, Wexford County, Seneca Township, Lenawee County, Seney Township, Schoolcraft County, Seville Township, Gratiot County, Sharon Township, Washtenaw County, Shelby Charter Township, Macomb County, Shelby Township, Oceana County, Sheridan Charter Township, Newaygo County, Sheridan Township, Calhoun County, Sheridan Township, Clare County, Sheridan Township, Huron County, Sheridan Township, Mason County, Sheridan Township, Mecosta County, Sherman Township, Gladwin County, Sherman Township, Huron County, Sherman Township, Iosco County, Sherman Township, Isabella County, Sherman Township, Keweenaw County, Sherman Township, Mason County, Sherman Township, Newaygo County, Sherman Township, Osceola County, Sherman Township, St. Joseph County, Sherwood Township, Branch County, Shiawassee Township, Shiawassee County, Sidney Township, Montcalm County, Sigel Township, Huron County, Silver Creek Township, Cass County, Sims Township, Arenac County, Skandia Township, Marquette County, Slagle Township, Wexford County, Sodus Township, Berrien County, Solon Township, Kent County, Solon Township, Leelanau County, Somerset Township, Hillsdale County, Soo Township, Chippewa County, South Arm Township, Charlevoix County, South Branch Township, Crawford County, South Branch Township, Wexford County, South Haven Charter Township, Van Buren County, Southfield Township, Oakland County, Spalding Township, Menominee County, Sparta Township, Kent County, Spaulding Township, Saginaw County, Speaker Township, Sanilac County, Spencer Township, Kent County, Spring Arbor Township, Jackson County, Spring Lake Township, Ottawa County, Springdale Township, Manistee County, Springfield Township, Kalkaska County, Springfield Township, Oakland County, Springport Township, Jackson County, Springvale Township, Emmet County, Springville Township, Wexford County, Spurr Township, Baraga County, Stambaugh Township, Iron County, Standish Township, Arenac County, Stannard Township, Ontonagon County, Stanton Township, Houghton County, Star Township, Antrim County, Stephenson Township, Menominee County, Stockbridge Township, Ingham County, Stronach Township, Manistee County, Sturgis Township, St. Joseph County, Sugar Island Township, Chippewa County, Sullivan Township, Muskegon County, Summerfield Township, Clare County, Summerfield Township, Monroe County, Summit Township, Jackson County, Summit Township, Mason County, Sumner Township, Gratiot County, Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Superior Township, Chippewa County, Superior Township, Washtenaw County, Surrey Township, Clare County, Suttons Bay Township, Leelanau County, Swan Creek Township, Saginaw County, Sweetwater Township, Lake County, Sylvan Township, Osceola County, Sylvan Township, Washtenaw County, Tallmadge Township, Ottawa County, Tawas Township, Iosco County, Taymouth Township, Saginaw County, Tecumseh Township, Lenawee County, Tekonsha Township, Calhoun County, Texas Township, Kalamazoo County, Thetford Township, Genesee County, Thomas Township, Saginaw County, Thompson Township, Schoolcraft County, Thornapple Township, Barry County, Three Oaks Township, Berrien County, Tilden Township, Marquette County, Tittabawassee Township, Saginaw County, Tobacco Township, Gladwin County, Tompkins Township, Jackson County, Torch Lake Township, Antrim County, Torch Lake Township, Houghton County, Trout Lake Township, Chippewa County, Trowbridge Township, Allegan County, Troy Township, Newaygo County, Turin Township, Marquette County, Turner Township, Arenac County, Tuscarora Township, Cheboygan County, Tuscola Township, Tuscola County, Tyrone Township, Kent County, Tyrone Township, Livingston County, Unadilla Township, Livingston County, Union Charter Township, Isabella County, Union Township, Branch County, Union Township, Grand Traverse County, Valley Township, Allegan County, Van Buren Township, Wayne County, Vassar Township, Tuscola County, Venice Township, Shiawassee County, Vergennes Township, Kent County, Vermontville Township, Eaton County, Vernon Township, Isabella County, Vernon Township, Shiawassee County, Verona Township, Huron County, Vevay Township, Ingham County, Victor Township, Clinton County, Victory Township, Mason County, Vienna Township, Genesee County, Vienna Township, Montmorency County, Volinia Township, Cass County, Wakefield Township, Gogebic County, Wakeshma Township, Kalamazoo County, Wales Township, St. Clair County, Walker Township, Cheboygan County, Walton Township, Eaton County, Warner Township, Antrim County, Warren Townshipdland County, Washington Township, Gratiot County, Washington Township, Macomb County, Washington Township, Sanilac County, Waterford Township, Oakland County, Waterloo Township, Jackson County, Watersmeet Township, Gogebic County, Watertown Township, Clinton County, Watertown Township, Sanilac County, Watertown Township, Tuscola County, Watervliet Township, Berrien County, Watson Township, Allegan County, Waucedah Township, Dickinson County, Waverly Township, Cheboygan County, Waverly Township, Van Buren County, Wawatam Township, Emmet County, Wayland Township, Allegan County, Wayne Township, Cass County, Weare Township, Oceana County, Webber Township, Lake County, Webster Township, Washtenaw County, Weesaw Township, Berrien County, Weldon Township, Benzie County, Wellington Township, Alpena County, Wells Township, Delta County, Wells Township, Marquette County, Wells Township, Tuscola County, West Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, West Branch Township, Dickinson County, West Branch Township, Marquette County, West Branch Townshipssaukee County, West Branch Township, Ogemaw County, West Traverse Township, Emmet County, Westphalia Township, Clinton County, Wexford Township, Wexford County, Wheatfield Township, Ingham County, Wheatland Township, Hillsdale County, Wheatland Township, Mecosta County, Wheatland Township, Sanilac County, Wheeler Township, Gratiot County, White Lake Township, Oakland County, White Oak Township, Ingham County, White Pigeon Township, St. Joseph County, White River Township, Muskegon County, Whitefish Township, Chippewa County, Whiteford Township, Monroe County, Whitehall Township, Muskegon County, Whitewater Township, Grand Traverse County, Whitney Township, Arenac County, Wilber Township, Iosco County, Wilcox Township, Newaygo County, Williams Township, Bay County, Williamstown Township, Ingham County, Wilmot Township, Cheboygan County, Wilson Township, Alpena County, Wilson Township, Charlevoix County, Windsor Charter Township, Eaton County, Winfield Township, Montcalm County, Winsor Township, Huron County, Winterfield Township, Clare County, Wise Township, Isabella County, Wisner Township, Tuscola County, Woodbridge Township, Hillsdale County, Woodhull Township, Shiawassee County, Woodland Township, Barry County, Woodstock Township, Lenawee County, Worth Township, Sanilac County, Wright Township, Hillsdale County, Wright Township, Ottawa County, Yankee Springs Township, Barry County, Yates Township, Lake County, York Township, Washtenaw County, Ypsilanti Township, Washtenaw County, Zeeland Charter Township, Ottawa County, Zilwaukee Township, Saginaw County,

Terms to Know

Advanced meter: smart meter (term used by DTE to hide the fact it is a smart meter).

AMI meter and AMI program: another name for the smart meter and the smart meter program. AMI stands for advanced metering infrastructure.

Blood-brain barrier: EMFs can cause the blood-brain barrier to be breached, allowing toxins to enter the brain. Toxin entry is thought to be partially responsible for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Dirty electricity: spiky, pulsed electromagnetic field generated by smart meters that rides through building wiring and permeates the building’s rooms. Responsible for many of the health problems seen with smart and digital meters.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs): consist of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Fields are created by the flow of electrical current through the wire, sunlight, etc.  

Electromagnetic frequency: examples are 60 Hz electrical current of your home, RF of a cell phone. Often used interchangeably with electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Symptoms are complex and involve all bodily systems

Hydrogen bonds: Electrostatic bonds that help hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of hydrogen bonds may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs may disrupt the Hydrogen bonds.

Meter upgrade: the installation of an advanced (smart) meter on your home by DTE.

Microwave radiation: the type of radiation emitted by smart meters. Known to cause biological harm.

Non-transmitting meter: another name for the DTE and Consumers opt-out meters.

Opt-out meter: this is a smart meter. The only thing that is different is the radio-transmitter is turned off. It still generates dirty electricity, it still retains the two antennas, and it is only incrementally less harmful to your health. It can still record detailed information about your electrical usage.

Radio-disabled meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radio-off meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radiofrequency (RF): high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the range of 10 MHz to 300 Ghz. All wireless devices, including smart meters, cell phones, and Wi-Fi emit RF.

Switched mode power supplycontained in all smart meters, it creates dirty electricity.

van der Waals bonds: an extremely weak electromagnetic force that helps hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of the van der Waals bond may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs can disrupt the van der Waals bonds.